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3D SexVilla (3D-Sexgames)

3DSexvilla Screenshot

3D Sex Villa 2 is currently the best 3D virtual sex game around.  You can choose a huge variety of sex positions from a range of locations.  You have a range of sex partners, dildos and vibrators to choose from with choices of oral, pussy or anal.  You can also totally customise the characters.


The characters are fully life like and you have total control over them.  You can make them orgasm and simulate your own cum shot.


You can take photos of the scenes and characters and store them on your computer.


The game requires you to login each time so you must be connected to the internet to play the game.

3D Sexvilla supports Interactive Sex Toys.  This allows you to totally control the characters movements and feel the sensation with your own cock.


A complete new development of 3D Sex Villa occured in late 2007. 3D Sex Villa 2 has now been released! More than just a new version is a completely new program.


There is a choice of free fuck, quick mode and story mode. In the story mode you have a choice of responses that you must give to get her to have sex.


There's also a new shop system. The more woman you bring to orgasm the more sexcoins you earn. With these sexcoins you can unlock new positions, outfits, locations etc.


** Update - 12/14/08 **

3D Sex Villa continually releases updates. The current version is Sex Villa 2.60 - Trick of Treat!

This great program now has

  • New halloween outifts and tools
  • New space station location and outfits
  • New Punk outfits and stories!

Female Characters:











Li Na







Male Characters:









3DSexvilla Screenshot

3DSexvilla Screenshot





Living Room              -  Sex on the floor, wall,  table or lounge suite.

Bedroom                   -  Sex on the floor, wall or bed.

Photo Studio             -  A wider range of poses for photos

Room of Dreams       -  In the clouds so you can see any angles easier.

Locker Room             -  Has a caretaker storyline.

Beach                       -  Sex on a bamboo mat, surfboard or wharf.

Fetish Club               -  Sex on cross, fucking machine or vibramatic.

Hall of Ceremonies   -  Masquerade ball scene includes sex on a piano.

Office                        -  Extras are office chair, or against the elevator.

Ancient Ruins            -  Tomb raider style.  You can stick to Lara Croft.

The Barn                   - Fuck a sweet cowgirls in the wild wild west.

The Loft                    - Surprise your girl after sexy workout.

Airplane                    - Join the Mile High Club fuck a stewardess.

Pirate Ship                - Sexy version of the Pirates of the Carribean.

The Pool                   - Enjoy the surroundings and fuck in the sun.

Space Station           - Have sex in futuristic surroundings.




Vibrators:-  Blue Wavey Vibrator

                   Metal Vibe

                   Classic Lover

                   Wavy Vibe


Special:-  Candle




                Hand (Fingering)

                Hand (Stroking)



Whips:-  Whip




Dildos:-  Corn Cob




              Penis Dildo

              Stainless Steel Dildos

              Belaying Pin


              An ice cold popsicle.

              Warp Dildo

              Skull Sceptre



Butt Plugs:-  Anal Bunny

                    Anal Piggy

                    Anal Jewel

                    Butt Plug

                    Anal Beads

3DSexvilla Screenshot




I've made a video from the program to give you an idea of how it works and what it looks like. 


The video has a lower quality due to the size constraints of my website so doesn't do the real program justice. 




Size: 22.8meg     Length: 4.5 mins


Thrixxx the company behind 3D Sex Villa and Hentai Park have done a major restructure of their pricing. All games are now free to download and you only pay for the features that you want.

Includes access to 3D SexVilla, 3D Slut and 3D GoGo Dancer.


Note:-  3D Slut is currently the same as 3D SexVilla.  However this may change soon.


Download 3D SexVilla 2 and 3D-SexGames


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