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Hentai Park

Hentai Park is also developed by the same company as 3DSexVilla.  It is equally as good as SexVilla.  You can also choose a huge variety of sex positions from a range of locations.  You have a range of dildos and vibrators to choose from with choices of oral, pussy or anal.  You can also customise the characters. 


All the characters are Asian and a lot of the scenes are Asian style settings.  But the biggest difference to SexVilla are the two special characters, the High Tech Sex Robot and the Tentacle Monster.


The characters are fully life like and you have total control over them.  You can make them orgasm and simulate your own cum shot.

The game requires you to login each time so you must be connected to the internet to play the game.


*** Update - 03/16/07 ***


The upgrade to v32 supports Interactive Sex Toys.  This allows you to totally control the characters movements and feel the sensation with your own cock.  The upgrade also provides new rooms, models, poses, tools and outfits.

HentaII 3D Screenshot

Female Characters


HentaII 3D Asuka - Photo


HentaII 3D Izumi - Photo

Jin Lin

HentaII 3D Jin Lin - Photo


HentaII 3D Kuki - Photo


HentaII 3D Mai - Photo


HentaII 3D Nami - Photo


HentaII 3D Natsuki - Photo


HentaII 3D Sanae - Photo


HentaII 3D Yui - Photo

HentaII 3D Screenshot



Bedroom                   -  Sex on the floor, wall or bed.

Tentacle Monster      -  Let the tentacle monster have his fix.

Garden of Desire      -  Has many photo-shoot positions.

Classroom                -  Sex on a student desk, or against the blackboard.

Room of Dreams       -  In the clouds so you can see any angles easier.

Bath House              -  In a Asian bathhouse setting.

Hanger X3                -  The High Tech Sex Robot has 3 enormous toys.


**  New in version 3.2 **

Demo's Hideout        - Enter the mystic temple




Vibrators:-  Blue Wavey Vibrator

                   Metal Vibe

                   Classic Lover

                   Wavy Vibe

Special:-  Candle




                Hand (Fingering)

                Hand (Stroking)

Dildos:-  Corn Cob




              Penis Dildo




Butt Plugs:-  Anal Bunny

                    Anal Piggy

                    Anal Jewel

                    Butt Plug

                    Anal Beads

Whips:-  Whip



**  New in version 3.2 **

Tools:-  The mystical Sybian

             Stainless Steel Dildos

             Dark Obelisk

             Pointed Demon's horn



HentaII 3D Screenshot


You can customize the following attributes of the female characters.


Breasts: Size, Shape, Level, Lift Up, Rotate, Spacing.

Nipple: Small, Normal, Big.

Strapon: Length, Girth.

Eye Iris: Color, Saturation, Brightness

Hair: Type, Color

Pubic Hair: Shaved, Trimmed, Triangle, Hairy

Vagina: Outer Lips, Inner Up/Down, Inner In/Out


Thrixxx the company behind 3D Sex Villa and Hentai Park have done a major restructure of their pricing. All games are now free to download and you only pay for the features that you want.

1 Year - $49.99

Includes access to HentaII 3D, Hentai 3D and 3D GoGo Dancer.

Download HentaII 3D and Hentai 3D


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