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About 3D Virtual Sex - (3DVSEX)

Adult Computer Games and Interactive Video Sex Games have been around for many years.  They ranged from simple strip poker games to hardcore CD ROMs.  For strip poker games the graphics were often poor or were just still photos.  The interactive porn CD-roms were great but like most porn you can become tired of seeing the same scenes.


Technology has continued to improve and so have the Adult Sex Games.   Fully interactive 3D virtual sex games have been created using the latest CG technology


You can choose your characters and change their shape and size to suit your tastes.  You can put them in a wide range of sexual positions using a range of toys and sex partners.  You can then view the action from any angle you like.


This site has reviews of the best 3D Virtual sex games available to download.





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3D SexVilla (3D-SexGames)

Site Type:-  Hardcore 3D Virtual Sex


Short Review:-  Sex Villa is currently the best 3D virtual sex game around.  You can choose a huge variety of sex positions from a range of locations.  You have a range of dildos and vibrators to choose from with choices of oral, pussy or anal.  You can also customise the characters. 


The characters are fully life like and you have total control over them.  You can make them orgasm and simulate your own cum shot.


3D Sexvilla supports Interactive Sex Toys.  This allows you to totally control the characters movements and feel the sensation with your own cock.



Thrixxx the company behind 3D Sex Villa and Hentai Park have done a major restructure of their pricing. All games are now free to download and you only pay for the features that you want.


Includes access to 3D SexVilla, 3D Slut and 3D GoGo Dancer.


** Update - 15 Oct 2010 **

3D Sex Villa continually releases updates. The current version is Sex Villa 2.60 - Trick of Treat!

This great program now has

  • New halloween outifts and tools
  • New space station location and outfits
  • New Punk outfits and stories!


For more details read the 3D Sex Villa 2 Full Review.

3D SexVilla 2

Strip HiLo

Site Type:-  Stripper Games


Short Review:-  This is a game where you actually talk live with real webcam models from around the world. It's a new site developed by a webcam website called camcontacts. The idea of the game is to guess whether your next card will be higher or lower. If you get it right she will take off another piece of clothing.


You also get to chat live with her as you play the game. She may be willing to do other sex acts for you after the game is finished.


Want to know how it works?


Check out this free demo I've loaded to my site.


The price varies depending on the girl.


Cost:-  Free Demo

            Pay per minute                        - Anywhere between $0.99 - $2.99

Strip HiLo banner Strip HiLo

Red Light Center (Utherverse)

Site Type:-  Hardcore 3D Virtual Sex


Short Review:- The Red Light Center is a massively multiuser reality game. Similar to sites such as Second Life the Red Light Center is a completely virtual world. However the Red Light Center is modelled on the red light district in Amsterdam so has a strong sexual focus.


You can personalise your avatar and head into the virtual world to meet real women in a virtual environment. You can chat, flirt and have cyber sex. There's also a huge range of adult videos to watch.


The Red Light Center is a game you will need to download. The first step is to sign up to Utherverse, the online dating component of the game. Then you can download the software for free. But to see and do some of the more explicit parts of the program you need to become a VIP member.


The graphics is quite good but not in the same league as 3D Sex Villa 2 . However the ability to have cybersex with real people overcomes any graphics drawbacks.


The Red Light Center uses an online currency known as Rays. If you are having trouble finding someone to cyber with when you first log on you can find "working girls" who you can cyber with by transfering Rays.


As of Oct 2007 there were approximately 275,000 active members.


Cost:-  Free Demo

            VIP     -     $20 per month


For more details read the Red Light Center Full Review.

Red Light Center



Site Type:-  Hardcore 3D Virtual Sex


Short Review:-  VirtualFem is different to a lot of the other Virtual Sex sites I've reviewed.  This site does not use cgi technology.  It uses actual video footage.  It is more like the interactive DVDs that available everywhere.


The disadvantage of most video based virtual sex sites are that they only have a set number of scenes to view.  But I've reviewed VirtualFem because it does have some interesting features.


VirtualFem uses AI chat technology.  So you can talk to the models and they will respond intelligently.  It also uses voice recognition and text to speech technology so that you can talk and get responses like you're talking to a live model.


There are a huge range of models to choose from with a new model every month.  Each model has different types of scenes.  The scenes are shot from your point of view.  You just tell her what you want to do or see and if there's a video available you will see it.


Cost:-  30 Days - $29.95 First month

                          - $19.95 Recurring

            90 Days - $49.00

            1 Year    - $99.00


For more details read the VirtualFem Review.


Virtual Hottie 2

Site Type:-  Hardcore 3D Virtual Sex

Short Review:-  Virtual Hottie 2 is probably the second best CG sex game series behind those in the 3DSexVilla/HentaII3D range.  You don't have as much control over the characters as in 3Dsexvilla.  Also the graphics are not as smooth.


Some good features are;

  • 4 good locations to choose from
  • Customisable characters
  • Complete control over the camera.
  • Some extra positions including lesbian double dildo.
  • The chance to see a threesome.
  • Automated video sequences make for a more realistic sex scene in some ways.


Cost:-  Free Demo

            Full Game - $29.95


For more details read the Virtual Hottie 2 Full Review.

Virtual Hottie 2


Dream Stripper

Site Type:-  Stripper Games


Short Review:-  This is a game where you get to be the stripper.  The more interesting your routine the more money you make.  This let's you buy different outfits and create even better routines.  Of course you also get to watch your strip routines.


There are 3 different games at the one site. 


Dream Stripper Professional let's you customise your strippers hair, tattoos, make up and more.  Dream Stripper Game let's you set the routines, clothes and music etc to make money.  A Dream Stripper Screensaver is also available.


Cost:-  Free Demo

            All 3 Products                           - $45.00

            Dream Stripper Pro                  - $39.00

            Dream Stripper Game              - $19.00

            Dream Stripper Screen Saver  - $19.00

Dream Stripper DreamStripper

Star Poker

Site Type:-  Strip Poker


Short Review:-  This is an excellent strip poker game.  There are 5 hot babes to choose from in the FREE version.  Unlike other strip poker demos in the FREE version you can get the girls completely nude. 


If you pay for the game you get more than 100 stars with a new girl each week.  You also get 1,000s of pics and videos.


Cost:-  5 Girls        - FREE

            100+ Girls  - $9.90 per month

Star Poker Star Poker


Site Type:-  Interactive Sex Toys


Short Review:-  Claims to be the most life-like sex toy for men ever.   I haven't bought one of these yet so I can't say what they feel like for real.  But from the demonstration at their site it appears they are very life-like. 


There are a wide selection of sensations and openings to simulate, vaginal, anal and oral intercourse.


With over 500,000 sales already you wouldn't be on your own.


Cost:-  Original Pink Lady + Lube    - $59.95

            Pussy and Ass + Lube         - $99.95

            Lover's Delight Pack            - $124.95

            Buy 2 get 1 Free (no case)  - $80

Fleshlight Fleshlight



If virtual girls just don't do it for you, then you can always try the real thing.  Check out my other site webcams reviewed to see real woman live.

Live Adult Webcam Sex



I am independent of the above websites.  Any technical problems or billing enquiries relating to these interactive 3D virtual sex game websites should be directed to them.  Contact details are on their websites.  However if you want to give feedback on my reviews, or inform me of any other websites I should consider for review you can contact me here.


I hope you find my reviews helpful and I hope you enjoy many hours of interactive 3D virtual sex games.



You must be over 18 to enter the sites.  

These sites only contain models that are at least 18 years of age.

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