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Interactive Sex Toys

Fleshlight is the only Sex Toy I've reviewed so far.

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Short Review:-  Claims to be the most life-like sex toy for men ever.   I haven't bought one of these yet so I can't say what they feel like for real.  But from the demonstration at their site it appears they are very life-like. 


There are a wide selection of sensations and openings to simulate, vaginal, anal and oral intercourse.


With over 500,000 sales already you wouldn't be on your own.


Cost:-  Original Pink Lady + Lube    - $59.95

            Pussy and Ass + Lube         - $99.95

            Lover's Delight Pack            - $124.95

            Buy 2 get 1 Free (no case)  - $80

Fleshlight Fleshlight


If virtual girls just don't do it for you, then you can always try the real thing.  Check out my other site webcams reviewed to see real woman live.

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I hope you find my reviews helpful and I hope you enjoy many hours of interactive 3D virtual sex games.



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