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Hentai 3D II is developed by the same company as 3DSexVilla. It is equally as good as SexVilla. You can also choose a huge variety of sex positions from a range of locations. You have a range of dildos and vibrators to choose from with choices of oral, pussy or anal. You can also customise the characters.

All the characters are Asian and a lot of the scenes are Asian style settings. But the biggest difference to SexVilla are the special characters, such as the High Tech Sex Robot and the Tentacle Monster.

The characters are fully life like (although with a fantasy twist) and you have total control over them. You can make them orgasm and simulate your own cum shot.

3D Hentai 2 supports Interactive Sex Toys. This allows you to totally control the characters movements and feel the sensation with your own cock.

Cost: FREE + in-game purchases.

XCoins are used for in-game purchases. 1000 Xcoins cost between $1 to $2 depending on how many you purchase in one go.

The free version is censored. To turn off censorship you need 5,000 Xcoins. The cheapest way to get these coins is to buy 7,000 for $9.98.

Hardcore 3D Virtual Sex
Hentai 3D 2

Free Tour: YES
Cost: $9.98 +
In-Game Purchases: YES
Quality: 5.0 stars
Playability: 5.0 stars
Value:3.5 stars
Overall:4.5 stars
Features: vrheadset vstroker animated windows