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Adult Computer Games and Interactive Video Sex Games have been around for many years.  They traditionally ranged from simple strip poker games to hardcore CD ROMs.  For strip poker games the graphics were often poor or were just still photos.  The interactive porn CD-roms were great but like most porn you can become tired of seeing the same scenes.

Technology has continued to improve and so have Adult Sex Games.   Fully interactive 3D virtual sex games have been created using the latest CG technology

You can choose your characters and change their shape and size to suit your tastes.  You can put them in a wide range of sexual positions using a range of toys and sex partners.  You can then view the action from any angle you like.

This site has reviews of the best 3D Virtual sex games available to download.

My Credentials

I am completely independant of the 3D Virtual Sex sites. My site is not owned by any of those companies and I provide no interactive 3D sex services directly. So you can be assured that my reviews are as objective as possible.

I have downloaded each of these games and spend some time on them so I can give a more accurate review. If you disagree with a review or have a found a 3D Virtual Sex site I've missed contact me so I can make an update to my website.

Stan the Cam Man

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The Reviews

After I've played the games for a while I then start writing out a formal review. Each review starts with some general comments about the game.

Summary Table

I then create a summary table with the following items.

Free Tour: A simple YES or NO indicating whether or not the game has a Free Tour.

Cost: The cost of the game for the most basic access. More detailed cost breakdowns are in the Full Reviews.

In-Game Purchases: Whether the site requires In-Game Purchases to enhance the game.

Quality: My rating out of 5 of the Quality of the game particularly with regard to graphics realism.

Playability: My rating out of 5 of the Playability of the game.

Value: My rating out of 5 of the Value for Money of the game.

Overall: My overall rating out of 5.

Special Features: Shows which special features a game has. These include;

vstroker  Vstroker - This game is integrated with VStroker or other interactive sex toys.

animated Animated - This game uses 3D animation as opposed to real video or photos of people.

realReal Images - This game uses real images or videos of actual people.

vrheadsetVR Headset - This game can be enhanced with the use of a VR Headset.

chatbotChatbot - This game uses AI or Chatbot technology to make the interactions with the characters more realistic.

webWeb - This game can be played on the web so does not require a download.

windowsWindows Compatible - This game is Windows Compatible.

macMac Compatible - This game is can be played on a Mac.


One of the most important things to consider for me has always been cost. Some games are a lot more expensive than others. Especially if you choose to download all the extra features


The games I've reviewed have:

  • Free Tours
  • The Best 3D Virtual Sex Games available
  • Over 90% coverage of all adult virtual sex games
  • Loads of hardcore fantasy action

Usually when you purchase you will need to give your credit card and address details. Don't worry you will be told before you incur any charges.

These are the best adult virtual fantasy games available and you can play in the comfort of home on your own computer. You can act our fantasies with amzing sexy animated women, make then come, or whip them into a frenzy. You call the shots. I hope our reviews can help you find the right adult 3D sex game for you.

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